Participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Asia and Pacific High-level Conference on Belt and Road Cooperation

23.06.2021 18:36

On 23 June 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan Sirojiddin Muhriddin took part and made remarks at the Asia and Pacific High-level Conference on Belt and Road Cooperation entitled "Combating the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery".

The Foreign Minister stressed that economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, the stimulation of small and medium-sized businesses and the implementation of anti-epidemic measures require additional financial resources. In this regard, Minister noted the importance of attracting investment for sustainable economic recovery, business support, unimpeded transportation of essential goods, especially food and medicine, as well as environmental protection.

It was stressed that Tajikistan is interested in expanding cooperation in the field of trade and investment in the framework of this initiative. At the same time, Tajikistan is ready to create favorable conditions for foreign investment and trade.

The Minister added that there are great opportunities for cooperation between the countries of the Belt and Road initiative in the field of green energy. Hydropower as one of the most efficient components of green energy can become a priority program for sustainable development. The availability of abundant water resources of Tajikistan provides a unique opportunity for the development of the region, both in the field of energy and agriculture.

As a result of the conference, two final documents were adopted on combating the Covid-19 pandemic and restoring economic development.