Relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the United States of America

25.06.2020 01:10

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the United States of America established on February 14, 1992. In March of the same year, the US Embassy in Tajikistan (with residence in Kazakhstan) was opened. In 2006, a new building of the US Embassy was built in Dushanbe. The Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Washington has been operating since 2002.

Relations with the United States are considered one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Tajikistan, and сooperation between Tajikistan and the USA is developing in various areas, including political, security, trade and economic, energy, education, health, agriculture, humanitarian and other topics of mutual interest. Also, the two countries have established beneficial cooperation within the framework of international organizations.

Important global and regional issues, economic and social reforms in Tajikistan, the fight against international terrorism and illegal drug trafficking are among the topics on the agenda of cooperation between Tajikistan and the USA.

High-level official visits and meetings of representatives of Tajikistan and the USA, during which the state of progress of issues on the cooperation agenda of the parties and their prospects are discussed, play an important role in the development of relations between the two countries.

Within the framework of multi-year programs for the Republic of Tajikistan, the USA contributes to the development of various sectors, especially education, health, rural development, energy, environment, security, ensuring the rule of law and transport and communication.

The legal and contractual basis. To date, the sides have signed 35 documents in the different fields. Of this number, 22 documents are intergovernmental agreements.

The annual political consultations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the United States is considered the main bilateral instrument, and during its meetings the areas of cooperation between Tajikistan and the US in political, security, economic, education, health, rural development, energy, environmental protection, humanitarian, human rights, as well as international and regional issues are discussed and exchanged.

Сooperation of Tajikistan with USAID

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been cooperating with Tajikistan since 1992 and through various projects assists the development of the economy, health, education and agriculture.

The USAID “Food for the Future” program assisted farmers to increase the production of nutrient crops. In the health sector, since 2003 USAID has been supporting the Tajikistan’s HIV/AIDS epidemic control program and the National TB Program.

USAID assists Tajikistan in the implementation of renewable energy sources program and, for example, in cooperation with the Government of Tajikistan,  installed a 200 kilowatt solar power plant in Murgob district.

USAID gives a special attention to the development of education and contributes to the efforts of Tajikistan in the development of the sector. In 2022, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and the US Agency for International Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the "Learn Together Activity" program.

Cooperation between the cities. On May 8, 1987, the Sister cities Agreement between the cities of Dushanbe and Boulder was signed. In 1997, as a gift from Dushanbe, the construction of a teahouse began in Boulder, a year later the official opening of the Teahouse took place. Boulder, for its part, presented to Dushanbe an Internet cafe “Center of friendship".

Regional cooperation with the USA. The Republic of Tajikistan and the USA are cooperating within the framework of the C5+1 format, which covers relations between the countries of Central Asia and the USA.

Within the C5+1 format, meetings of the foreign Ministers of the Central Asian countries and the USA are held to discuss important regional issues. The main mechanism for promoting cooperation within this platform is working groups on the economy, environment and climate and security, whose meetings are held annually.

The Republic of Tajikistan and the United States also cooperate within the framework of the Agreement on trade and investment between the governments of the United States and the Central Asian states (TIFA), which was signed in Washington on June 1, 2004.




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