Tajikistan-UN Cooperation in the field of gender equality

08.07.2019 12:54

Since the first years of independence the problem of women's living conditions has always been the focus of attention of the President and the Government of the country. In this regard the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, according the political, economic and cultural realities of the country, has created a certain political mechanism to improve the social status of women. In this direction the Republic of Tajikistan cooperates with the structure of UN-Women.

UN-Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women was established to accelerate the process of meeting the needs of women and girls throughout the world.

In Tajikistan the UN Women in partnership with the Committee on Women and Family Affairs under the Government of Tajikistan creates district task forces to provide free legal advice to women, mainly on land and property rights.

In accordance with the Agreement on the national development priorities of the state, in 2016-2020 the UN-Women structure supports the Government of Tajikistan in implementing commitments on gender equality through initiatives to promote rights and economic opportunities, prevent violence against women, strengthen peace, security and gender equality.






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