Tajikistan-UN cooperation in the field of health and protection of children

08.07.2019 14:49

The cooperation of the Republic of Tajikistan with the World Health Organization (WHO) is carried out within the framework of a number of programs, including such components as: coordination of humanitarian support of international organizations in the health sector, health sector reform, strengthening of maternal and child health, including reproductive health, malaria elimination program, tuberculosis control and HIV/AIDS, blood, non-communicable diseases and mental health, nutrition, food and food security, preparedness to respond to emergencies.

The Acting Head of the WHO Country Office in Tajikistan is Ms. Marta Everad.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) started its activities in Tajikistan in 1993 after the opening of its Office in Tajikistan and on the basis of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and UNICEF. The cooperation is carried out within the framework of a number of programs in the field of child and maternal health, basic quality education, health and youth participation, social policy and child protection reform over the last years based on international commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period up to 2030, including the priorities of the government of Tajikistan and UNICEF.

UNICEF will continue to implement activities aimed at protecting the rights of children in order to meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to fully realize their potential, with particular attention to the category of the most vulnerable children.

Currently, UNICEF is strengthening cooperation with ministries and committees of the country to develop state programs for the period 2023-2026.

The current head of the UNICEF Office in Tajikistan is Mr. Osama Makkawi.


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