Relations of Tajikistan with Sweden

01.03.2013 10:10

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Kingdom of Sweden are established on December 9, 1992.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Republic of Tajikistan is Mrs. Ingrid Tersman (since February 2013) with a residence in Stockholm.

Cooperation actively developed in humanitarian sphere. For instance projects worked in support of development of a civil society in Tajikistan, establishing opportunities for   self-sufficiency of the population, development of agrarian sector and mainly realization of national strategy on reduction of poverty.

Together with other international organizations the Government of Sweden took part in development and financing of micro projects and programs in the field of agriculture, social sphere, education and public health services, and also formation of democratic public structures.

Since 2002 Government of Sweden began to pay more interest to the processes occurring in Tajikistan related to democratization of a society and realization of economic reforms. In November, 2002 Minister on Migration and the International Cooperation of Sweden Mr.Jan U.Karlsson visited Tajikistan.

In 1997 Sweden provided 174 tons of food and medicines for the sum 68 million Swedish crones as a humanitarian assistance.  

In 2003 in Dushanbe Office of the Swedish Department of the international cooperation (SIDA) was opened. In 2010 the Office in Dushanbe was closed and the management of the bilateral developement cooperation projects in Tajikistan was trensferred to the headquarters of SIDA in Stockholm.  

Legal base between Tajikistan and Sweden is on the stage of formation and consists of 2 legal documents.

The first export-import transactions began to be carried out in 2001, which became the evidence of establishment of the certain relations in trade and economic area. Since this period the tendency of increase realization rates of export-import transactions is observed.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s data the volume of trade between the Republic of Tajikistan and Sweden in 2016 (January-September) total amount of bilateral trade reached 1170,6 thousand USD (import – 1084,5 thousand USD, export – 86,1 thousand USD).

In 9 months of 2017 (January-September) – the total amount of bilateral trade reached 2774,1 thousand US dollars (imports – 2547,1  thousand USD, export – 227 thousand USD).

Basic clauses of export: a cotton-fiber, fabrics cotton;

Basic clauses of import: the consumer goods and spare parts.