XAC/K22 Project

01.03.2013 10:10

“Countering the trafficking of Afghan opiates via the northern route by strengthening the capacity of the main border crossing points and through the establishment of Border Liaison Offices”

Project XAC/K22 was developed for establishment of the three Border Liaison Offices (BLO) by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime in 2009. The duration of the Project was determined for 27 months and with the budget of 1, 3 million US dollars, allocated by the Government of Norway. Later, the Project was approved and is being implemented in the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 2011, the Project covered Tajik-Uzbek State border and envisaged the establishment of four Border Liaison Offices in the two border check-points, namely, “Sariosiyo-Dusti” and “Oybek-Fotehobod” in the Tajik-Uzbek State border.

In 2012 the Government of Japan approved the allocation of 13,6 million US dollars for the project activities of UNODC in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Central Asia. From this amount, Project XAC/K22 has got additional funding to a total amount of 1,270,007 USD, which were directed to the establishment of Border Liaison Offices in the State border check-points “Karamik-Karamik” and “Kizil-art-Bordobo” in the Tajik-Kyrgyz State border. Thus, the total budget of the Project was 2,687,947 USD.

In 2013 the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) in the Republic of Tajikistan addressed its request to the Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Tajikistan to obtain official content of the Tajik side for extension of the Project at the financial expense of Japan to the amount of 1,5 million US dollars. In the case of supporting the extension of the Project, in the framework of the Project, there was planned to involve also Tajik-Afghan State border with the view of establishment of the Border Liaison Offices in the Tajik-Afghan border check-points.

The Tajik side supported the extension of the XAC/K22 Project in Central Asia with the financial support of the Government of Japan.