Congratulatory Message of the Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany Sohibnazar Gayratsho on the occasion of the New Year 2021

31.12.2020 15:38

Dear friends, dear fellow countrymen!

ichauftretenk2020.jpgIn just a few hours, 2020 will come to an end. Very soon we will meet the new 2021 year and we hope that it will be productive. If you look back at the current year, in general, it began very intensively and meaningfully in the initial stage, until an unknown and unfamiliar virus struck us. The fight against the emerging pandemic looked like a challenge that seemed impossible to overcome, and became a real test of the strength of patience and endurance of the whole world. Addressing the consequences of the pandemic and shaping life after the pandemic are issues that have kept us thinking about them in the subsequent stages of 2020 and that will keep us thinking for some time in the new year. 

Taking into account the statements of Sir Peter Ustinov, "humanity needs to learn more this year than in all previous years." We have definitely gained more experience this year, experienced the means of communication that have been unusual so far, and have seen how unique is direct communication between people and how effective personal meetings and meetings over a cup of tea are.

To be honest, who wants to refrain from friendly hugs and handshakes with their commercial partner after a successful negotiation or successful commercial exchange? Those ordinary days that we used to get used to should return. It is worth it that in the New Year 2021 we strive to restore those days.

A number of meetings and political events in the past year are important for the further development of relations between Tajikistan and Germany. The meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Tajikistan and Germany in Berlin and Tajikistan's participation in the events on the occasion of the opening of the “New German Initiative “Green Central Asia” in January this year, strengthening the legal framework, political consultations between the two countries and intergovernmental negotiations on partnership for development are vivid examples of events for 2020. In general, the cooperation between the two countries covers different sectors of life in our countries.

Negotiations and visits, consultations and, finally, virtual negotiations at the end of the year opened up new horizons in relations between the two countries. We hope to develop and strengthen these opportunities and the dialogues that have begun in 2021 to bring relations between Tajikistan and Germany to a new level.

Taking into account the current challenges, Tajikistan is on the threshold of implementing reforms and announcing new ones. The country is gradually removing possible barriers and creating new opportunities. WTO membership, attempts to join the GSP+ system, negotiations on strengthening cooperation with the European Union and other international organizations and funds are some examples of the country's activity. The strengthening of the private sector, the development of industry, energy independence and the expansion of the production chain are concrete goals.

Tajikistan, as well as the international community, is exposed to a number of challenges and for the sake of a better future, counteracts such threats. Addressing the consequences of the pandemic and food security, climate change, which is expressed in the region in the form of melting glaciers and threatening water sources, access to drinking water – these are some of the current challenges. The country has declared a fight against corruption and drug trafficking at its borders and is taking measures to prevent extremism, terrorism and human trafficking. Tajikistan always takes its neighbors into account in its national and regional initiatives and is interested in the early restoration of peace in Afghanistan.

In fact, the necessary foundations and interesting resources to focus on are also taken into account in the further development and economic expansion of Tajikistan. This country, with its unusual nature and hospitable people, will be kept in mind when planning further trips or vacations.

In the New Year, I wish each of you health, success and a speedy return to normal life. I will be happy to meet you in the events planned for 2021 both in the Embassy of Tajikistan in Berlin, and in Germany and Poland in general.

Happy New Year!

Sohibnazar Gayratsho