Tajikistan's SCO Presidency: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity

09.12.2020 16:13


On November 10, 2020, the Republic of Tajikistan assumed the chairmanship of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The chairmanship of this international regional organization will last until the anniversary summit of the Organization in 2021 in Dushanbe. During its presidency, the Republic of Tajikistan under the motto "20 years of SCO: Cooperation for Stability and Prosperity" will promote the strengthening of friendship and good neighborliness between the member states, preserving peace and stability, development of trade-economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation. Among other goals of Tajikistan's Сhairmanship in the SCO is to improve the organization's legal framework and expand cooperation tools. Priority areas of cooperation within the Organization are the development of regional cooperation in the field of politics, security, economy, humanitarian and other areas that reflect common interests. Within the framework of the political chairmanship, more attention will be paid to further strengthening of internal consolidation and coordination of positions on regional and international issues that affect the interests of the Organization. In the field of security, cooperation will be strengthened in the fight against terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, cybercrime, and the spread of radical ideas. Emphasizing the particular relevance of the above-mentioned challenges, including the fight against drug trafficking, Tajikistan has taken the initiative to establish the SCO anti-Drug center in Dushanbe and intends to help promote this issue during its presidency. In his introduction to the virtual meeting of the Council of Heads of the SCO Member States, the leader of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon drew special attention to the socio-economic challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic. In this regard, the importance of developing and adopting a plan of priority measures within the SCO aimed at mitigating and overcoming the social and economic consequences of the current crisis was emphasized. It was also proposed to develop a legal framework for the unhindered transportation of socially important essential goods, in particular, food and medicine. In the economic sphere, assistance will be provided to increase cooperation in the industrial production and energy sectors, including renewable energy sources. The first Meetings of these mechanisms are scheduled to be held in Dushanbe in 2021. It is proposed to develop effective mechanisms for supporting small and medium-sized businesses.


In 2021, Tajikistan is also scheduled to host a meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the SCO Member States. It is proposed to hold this event with the participation of heads of veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary services of the SCO Member States and discuss a range of issues related to overcoming the food consequences of the pandemic. In the humanitarian sphere, along with other important tasks and initiatives, it is planned to develop cooperation between the countries in the field of "smart tourism", ensuring the safety of tourists and reducing risks, and holding a number of cultural and humanitarian events. Tajikistan intends to promote the expansion of student exchanges between the SCO Member States and the exchange of experience between research and analytical centers of the SCO Member States. Attention will also be drawn to the development of interaction in the field of gender equality and climate change, including a meeting of heads of ministries and departments responsible for environmental protection. During its presidency, Tajikistan will further strengthen the image of the SCO in the international arena, promote the active integration of observer States and dialogue partners into the work of the SCO interaction mechanisms, continue the dialogue to formalize the SCO's relations with specialized agencies of the UN system and other international organizations, as well as to strengthen and expand practical cooperation with partner organizations. During its presidency, the country intends to contribute in every possible way to the active work of the SCO – Afghanistan Contact group, including the implementation of the relevant road map.

Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan
Berlin 2020