Alpinism in Tajikistan

19.08.2020 14:18

Bez-nazvaniya-122222222222222222.jpg  Alpinism in Tajikistan has a long history that goes back to the last century when the large mountain ranges of the Pamir were developed. The Pamir Mountains are the most famous mountain convergence zone in the world. This is where the magnificent mountain ranges of Central Asia - Karakorum, Kuen-Lun, and Hindu Kush converge. The core of the Pamir Mountains is the mountain ridge Academy of Sciences with the highest legendary peaks - Somoni 7495m (Communism peak) and Ozodi 7105m (Korzhenevskaya peak). 24 peaks of the mountain range are over 6000m above sea level. A modern mountaineering camp is completed at Moskvina Polyana in eastern Tajikistan. The camp is being built by the closed joint stock company "Qullahoi Tojik" ("Tajik Peaks") - a travel company specializing in organizing tours with various programs: high mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountain tourism, extreme tourism, with the provision of a complete service package: from registration of all documents to transfer at the airport. The construction of a mountaineering camp on Polyana Moskvina started on 1 July this year. During this time, a stationary room for 100 mountaineers, guides and staff has been already built. The camp also offers a wellness area. For the first time, a heliport was built on Moskvina Polyana, which enables a safe landing and can transport much more cargo. And to increase flight safety, a radio communication system with flight navigation was installed. Currently, satellite communication is already in place. More than 500 m of water pipe were laid from the water source to the base camp. Solar modules were installed to generate electricity and additional diesel generators were procured as a reserve. Accurate weather forecast is very important for mountaineers, therefore modern digital meteorological measuring instruments are installed in the base camp. For those who dream of recovering from civilization, a separate zone - a tent camp for 80-100 people was established. Before the 2021 season opens, it is planned to set up internet and mobile communications for the greater convenience of mountaineers. The alpinist camp "Kullahoi Tojik" (Tajik Peaks) will be the most comfortable and modern camp in the Central Asian region: electricity, water, mobile phone, satellite communication, and the internet, comfortable home with all amenities at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level. A team of instructors, mountain guides, doctors, and emergency service will be on duty here from June to September.





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