Tajikistan wants to manufacture its own protective masks

01.04.2020 12:06

Tajikistan is one of the few countries in the world where, fortunately, no cases of Covid-19 have been identified to date. Nevertheless, the Tajikistan government is taking concrete measures to maintain this condition and protect the population from a possible coronavirus epidemic.

The production of medical products and the import of technical medical equipment were on the agenda of yesterday's meeting of the government of Tajikistan.

Local companies, which until now have been producing medical dressings, cosmetics and personal care products, are planning to manufacture protective masks and medical clothing using local raw materials.

The company Pharm Tex announced yesterday that it would manufacture high-quality protective masks. Pharm Tex is able to produce up to 25,000 protective masks from high-quality organic cotton and textiles every day. “The advantage of our products is that they are not intended to be used once. After thorough washing, they can be reused because they do not lose their protective properties” said representatives from Pharm Tex.





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